Diplomacy Course focus on the subject of diplomacy and Indonesian foreign policy. It offers high-quality course unlike any others in Indonesia, where the participants taught strictly by seasoned practitioners of diplomacy. The materials presented in this program are field-related and policy-oriented, which are not normally found in academic classes. Those joining this exclusive program would get a rare opportunity to enhance their understanding of the complex world of diplomacy and Indonesian foreign policy.


  1. Overview of Indonesian Foreign Policy
  2. Diplomatic Innovation: How to Turn Creative Ideas into Policy
  3. The Art of Diplomatic Negotiation
  4. The Playing Field for Indonesian Foreign Policy: Friends, Foes, Partners and Competitors
  5. Regional Dynamics in Southeast Asia
  6. The New Global Landscape: The Great Powers and the Rise of Emerging Powers
  7. National Interests: How Various Dimensions of “Interests” Can Affect and Shape Foreign Policy
  8. Policy Making in Indonesian Diplomacy
  9. ASEAN Matters: The View From the Inside
  10. The Wonderful World of Diplomacy: How Diplomacy Works in Real Life
  11. Networking and Lobbying in Diplomacy
  12. How International Law is Used in Diplomacy
  13. Handling Diplomatic Crisis, Disputes and Difficult Issues
  14. Preparing for Summits, International Conferences and Bilateral Visits
  15. Becoming a Spokesperson and Dealing with the Media, NGOs and Interest Groups


This workshop is taught and supervised directly by Dr. Dino Patti Djalal, assisted by professional speechwriters and public speakers. In this workshop, participant will get the guidelines and more practical tips to write an effective speech and to deliver the speech in accordance to international standard.


  1. Practical Guidelines and Tips on How to Write an Effective Speech of International Standard
  2. Examination of Effective Speeches
  3. Practical Guidelines and Tips on Public Speaking
  4. Simulation of Speech Writing and Public Speaking


This one-day specialized workshop is intended to provide a special training to government officials, corporate executives, and anyone interested to be a professional Spokesperson or just simply want to learn more about the world of public relations. Participants will be trained the methodology and basic principles of becoming a professional Spokesperson with an international standard, completed with tips and trick how to establish constructive relationships with journalists, as well as to handle and engage the media.


    1. Becoming an Effective and Professional Spokesperson: Basic Rules and Useful Tips
    2. The Methods of Crafting Press Releases
    3. Effective Ways to Handle and Engage the Media
    4. Simulated Interview and Public Statements Making