Dino Patti Djalal – School of Diplomacy

School of Diplomacy is an exclusive cooperation program between Dino Patti Djalal Consulting and Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia.

The program is initiated and exclusively designed by Dr. Dino Patti Djalal, former Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs. It is aimed to offer a high quality courses unlike any other in Indonesia where the participants are taught strictly by seasoned practitioners. All mentors and guest speakers have been selected carefully to ensure that the participants receive only the best quality.

It was established in August 2017 with the first class on Diplomacy Course program. In November, the team decided to add a more specific program on Speech Writing and Public Speaking. This came with consideration that the skill of speech writing and public speaking always be useful for everyone but often be forgotten.

On the year of 2018, the team has decided to start a one-day workshop to be a professional Spokesperson. The program’s main target is official governments, employees, diplomats, public relations, and anyone responsible to be a spokesperson of the company or institution, but not limited to everyone interested to accelerate their skills.

The materials presented in this program are field related, which are not normally found in academic classes. Those joining this exclusive program would get a rare opportunity to enhance their understanding of the complex world of diplomacy and Indonesian foreign policy; intensify the skill to write and deliver an effective speech; and mastering the art of becoming a spokesperson.

Our Programs

Diplomacy Course

Speech Writing and Public Speaking Workshop

Spokesperson Workshop




General Information:

  • All the courses will take place at BENGKEL DIPLOMASI FPCI (Mayapada Tower 1, 19th Floor, Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 28, 12920, Jakarta)
  • Every participant is entitled to register at bit.ly/schoolofdiplomacy and will receive a notification e-mail for payment process
  • Participants can fulfil the payment by:
    • Full-payment through bank transfer, or
    • On the spot payment with fulfilment of 25% from total fee through bank transfer
  • Purchase and Down Payment are refundable ONLY if the class is cancelled
  • Class cancellation will be announced through e-mail, maximum three days prior to the scheduled course
  • Earn 5% cash-back for each extra participants you bring to the class (only valid for minimum 2 extra participants)

Workshop hari ini menarik sekali karena yang paling penting adalah kita diberikan toolkit dengan semua checklist apa yang diperlukan untuk membuat speech yang bagus.

I have heard a lot of people are actually benefited from this program, so I decided to join. It was a very interesting experience, it was really nice in a way that within a very short amount of hours, I could improve my speech-writing and presentation skill immediately. So those comments and tips from Pak Dino and Mark were really useful and I could put that into practice immediately. I totally recommend this workshop to everyone and I think it is necessary that we Indonesians can present very well and it is really good that we start doing that.

Saya tau DPD SOD untuk hari ini dari media sosial. Ternyata DPD SOD merupakan program yang bagus! Konten program ini jarang didapatkan dari kegiatan lain di luar sana. Kami jadi tau speech-writing yang baik itu seperti apa dari narasumber yang tentunya very credible, seperti Pak Dino dan Mr. Mark. Saya merekomendasikan program ini ke orang-orang karena sayang sekali kalau tidak mengikuti program ini.

What I learned from this class is, that, pretty much everybody can be a speechwriter and also, a public speaker, and there are lots of tips and tricks that you can learn, but most importantly is, you will be more confident in your public speaking skill, and will make you a better leader for the future.

Pembelajaran di DPD SOD ini sangat mudah dipahami. Partisipan DPD SOD pun sangat aktif sehingga membuat suasana pembelajaran menjadi menarik.  Semoga ke depannya DPD SOD bisa menjadi lebih baik dan bisa lebih banyak mendatangkan narasumber yang memang berkecimpung dalam speech-writing ini.

Materi program ini sangat menarik dan sangat berguna bagi Honorary Consul seperti saya.

I knew SOD from the newsletter I’ve been subscribing for months from FPCI, and what I think about SOD is that it is very helpful for me to gain more insights about the art of speaking and writing, especially that this skill will be very helpful for me to excel in the upcoming future, so, thank you so much for the opportunity, and I’m expecting for more programs for me in the future. Thank you.

Program ini menambah wawasan saya mengenai bagaimana Indonesia mempunyai peran untuk menempatkan posisi-nya di mata dunia dan bagaimana kita berdiplomasi untuk mencapai tujuan.